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This yarn is a very special yarn, a cotton core is covered with pure shappe silk for a shiny, elegant effect. The garments worked with this yarn can be worn for most of the year thanks to the properties of silk. The thickness and the soft hand make it work very fast. For a short-sleeved shirt, size M, you need 300 grams of yarn.

It is hand dyed in Italy

I remind you that, in case of using more skeins of the same color, it is advisable to alternate the two skeins every 2 or 3 rows, to avoid the detachment between one skein and the other.



Ball of yarn: 100gr x 160m

Recommended irons: 4.5mm - 5.5mm

Sample 10cmx10cm: with 4.5mm needles 18 stitches (indicative)

Care: Hand wash. Do not bleach. Dry flat


Material: 70% Cotton 30% Silk


Produced in Italy

Cotton and silk

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