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Nurturing Fibers Supertwist Sock yarn is perfect for creating and knitting beautiful shawls, scarves and cardigans. It is resistant and comfortable and therefore ideal for knitting socks. This beautiful collection is hand dyed near Cape Town by Carle Dehning owner of Nurturing Fibers and her small team of colleagues. The yarn is made from 100% South African merino wool and without using the cruel mulesing technique. Each skein is unique and weighs 100g (3.53oz) with a length of 320 meters (350 yards) The recommended needle size for socks is 2.5mm and for outerwear 3 to 4mm. For more inspiration and patterns made with this versatile yarn, visit the Ravelry page from Nurturing FIbres.

Ball of yarn: 100gr x 320m

Recommended needles: for 2.5mm socks for 4mm knitwear and shawls

Care: Wash on a gentle cycle. It must be washed separately on the first cycle. Dry flat. Tumble dry not recommended

Material: 100% Merino Wool

Made in South Africa

Supertwist Sock 100gr

SKU: Nurturing02
PriceFrom €17.39
  • Nurturing Fibres

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