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These work bags are just gorgeous!!

The small one, perfect for jobs such as socks, hats or gloves, is large enough to also contain sweaters for the little ones or small and medium-sized shawls.

It also has an accessory that will help you not lose points when you pick it up, you'll see how it's used in the photos, but if you have any doubts, I'm here for any questions.

The large bag has three slip pockets in addition to the main compartment. Two are internal and one external. It can also be closed using the snap buttons when we don't have to collect very large jobs. The two handles are inserted into the design so that it becomes a ball basket while we work.

All handmade by Annarita di Laborabilia with whom we created these beauties and which, for obvious reasons of craftsmanship, are all unique pieces.


Small bag when closed height 22cm width 17cm

Large closed bag height 21cm width 24cm


Cotton, steel

Work bag

PriceFrom €30.00
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