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Lace is a very thin single-ply (not twisted) pure merino wool yarn, 50 grams equals 430 meters. Soft even directly on the skin it is also perfect for creating soft garments, used alone for graceful shawls, or in combination with a neutral solid color to give a touch of color or movement to a sweater or scarf!



Ball of yarn: 50gr for 430 meters

Recommended irons: 2.25mm - 3mm

Care: Hand wash

Processing advice: although from the same bath, the skeins are hand-dyed, so there may be some fairly visible color differences, for garments worked with more skeins, it is advisable to work alternating two skeins every 2 or 3 rows.

The colors are those released by Malabrigo Yarn, and may  vary from monitor to monitor. If you want more photos, please contact us and we will be happy to send you some more photos.


Material:  100% Merino Wool


Made in Peru


PriceFrom €8.74
  • Malabrigo Yarn

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