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Terra is a pure Spanish merino wool yarn (cruelty free, of course), hand-dyed with ecological colors by Laia. The peculiarity of the yarns of Soc Una Troca !!! lies in the fact that Laia does not buy the colors already made, but, using only the primary colors, mixes and composes real works of art, so for this reason, the skeins you will buy will never be the same as the other (and neither identical to those in the photos), despite Laia's skill!

Terra wool is soft (23 microns) and is perfect for making garments for the whole family, from newborn to sweet granny, take the time to combine solid and variegated colors in the best possible way, because we have studied super combinations beautiful!



Ball of yarn: 100gr for 400 meters

Recommended irons: 3mm - 4mm

Care: Hand wash with a little detergent. Avoid fabric softener

Processing advice: even if from the same bath, the skeins are hand-dyed, so there may be some fairly visible color differences, for garments worked with more skeins, it is advisable to work alternating two skeins every 2 or 3 rows.


Material:  100% Merino Wool


Made in Spain

Terra - Solid Colors

PriceFrom €20.50
  • Soc Una Troca!!!

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